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What To Look For In a Surrogate Mother For Surrogacy

Having a child is one of the most exciting experiences of one’s life. Giving birth to and nurturing a child increases the bond and love between a couple. But infertility, disability, physical abnormality or homosexuality can be some of the causes that may prevent a couple from enjoying this bliss. One option is surrogacy, in which a woman voluntarily agrees to carry your child in her womb, and hand it over to you after birth. If you are also considering surrogacy as a viable option, then there are some of the things that you need to look for in a potential surrogate mother.

Check her criminal background: You would not wish a criminal to give birth to your beloved child. You have to dig deep into her life, and try to find out all the necessary information about her. You should not feel as if she is hiding something from you. You should feel comfortable and find her trustworthy.

Check her mental stability: The surrogate mother that you select should be mentally stable, should have support from family, and should stay psychologically sound throughout her pregnancy. A reputable surrogacy agency will interview all the potential surrogate mothers, and check them with specialized mental evaluation questions.

Opt for gestational surrogacy only: In the process of traditional surrogacy, the mother donates her egg to the child, which means that she in a way gives birth to her own child. This usually causes several psychological problems in the mother, making it difficult for them to let their child go. In case she claims to keep her child, the legal systems will also support her for guardianship.

Communicate constantly with her: Having empathy with each other is very important during surrogacy and for this you need to constantly stay in contact. After all she has your own in her womb and you need to ensure that everything goes on smoothly for both of you.

Check her previous medical records: Try to check her medical records and ensure that there are no complications that might get transferred to your child. If she already have a child, try to find out the complications she might have faced during her past pregnancy. Such complications might repeat, and you will be the one encountering or bearing them, both mentally and financially.

Finding a perfect surrogate mother might be a tricky and risky task. That is why, it is better to contact the one through a reputable surrogacy agency. They will have some of the best surrogate mothers to volunteer, and recommend them to you only after satisfactory assurance.

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