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How to choose the right Las Vegas surrogacy agency

How to choose the right Las Vegas surrogacy agency?

Choosing to use surrogacy is a very big and life changing choice. You would need the right and the best Las Vegas surrogacy agency to make it, the right decision. There are a lot of surrogacy agencies in and around your locality. The question is, which is the best Las Vegas surrogacy agency?


Choosing a Las Vegas surrogacy agency with a lot of years of experience is a very smart choice. With a number of years of experience, you could get a long list of surrogates and also the process would be of high quality. An enterprise cannot stand the market for a long time without quality, reliability and good service.

Type of service

There are a few Las Vegas surrogacy agencies which just do the work of match fixing the surrogates to the intended parents. It is better to choose Las Vegas surrogacy agency that monitors and administers the whole process. Choose an agency which has a connection with a fertility center and other professionals.


Know about the staff and medical professionals associated with the Las Vegas surrogacy agency. The agency with highly experienced staff would be able to yield better results. The privacy policy, the standards of compliance and also the certifications are very essential things which you should check. Your personal details and the process should be held with high privacy and should not be revealed to any third-person. Make sure to read the contract, terms and conditions of the agency, prior to signing.


You might not be able to know a lot about the surrogate, but you can learn their criteria used for choosing the surrogates. The screening and medical tests, medical history and other attributes which would affect the health of the baby, would help. This would help you ensure that your baby would be safe and happy inside the surrogate.

You cannot contact the prior customers and get to know about their service. The information would be secured and thus, these tips would help you to choose the right agency. If you are a same sex couple and are looking for surrogates, then it is better to learn whether the agency would be ready to provide service for you. In today’s world, most of the agencies are willing to provide service to the same sex couples too.

You can also try to surf the internet to know about an agency. There are a lot of forums and complaint sites that talks about the best and the worst agencies to choose. Learn about the surrogacy agency before signing a contract. Choosing money as a factor of decision is not always the right choice. You would be relying on an unknown surrogate to nurture your child for the next ten months and all you would have is the agency to rely upon.

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Choosing the right donor with Las Vegas egg donation agency

Choosing the right donor with Las Vegas egg donation agency

Selecting an egg donor is a very hard decision right next to choosing the right Las Vegas egg donation agency. Here are a few considerations that would help you to choose the right donor from Las Vegas egg donation agency.

Known or unknown

Some tend to choose a known donor so that they would be aware of all the details about the person. This would help them to list out all the good and the bad attributes of the person. However, it is a big problem in assigning a relationship with the child and the egg donor.


If you and your parent have brown eyes, it is not a right choice to choose an egg donor with green eyes. Make sure to choose the donor with the physical appearances that are common in your family. Las Vegas egg donation agency would help you to choose a donor in terms of physical appearance. You can also get a childhood picture of the donor to have a guess of the appearance of the child.

Medical history

Las Vegas egg donation agency would not reveal personal details about the donor but, can help you with the medical history. Reject the donors with hereditary diseases, smoking, drinking and genetic disorders.

Blood type

Choose a donor who has the same blood type as that of yours. This would help you donate blood to the child, in times of emergencies. This would also help you gain privacy as with similar blood type, there is no way, the child can learn that he/she is not biologically related.

Proven donor

The proven donor is the person whose eggs were used successfully in a prior process. This would help you to increase the percentage of success rate. The egg would be healthy and would also respond well to the medications.


Learn a little more about the donor. Is she a sports person? Does she have a green thumb? These questions can make you guess a few characters of your kid.


It is always better to choose the donor from the same geographical location. Most of the Las Vegas egg donation agencies do not allow you to go overseas. This would sometimes create a problem if the kid is not of the same physical attributes of that of your location.

Leave it to the agency

If you are stressed out to choose a donor, leave it to the Las Vegas egg donation agency. They would help you to choose the right donor based on many attributes. Ask them about the donor and analyze the options.

Las Vegas egg donation agencies are a lot in number and so are the egg donors. It is important to choose the right donor as a part of your kid’s character, ability and personality depends upon the donor.

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