Donate Your Eggs To A Childless Couple & Contribute To Our Ohio Surrogacy Program

Donate Your Eggs To A Childless Couple & Contribute To Our Ohio Surrogacy Program

Motherhood is blissful, but not all women are fortunate to feel this bliss naturally. Earlier, they remain childless throughout their lives or adopt a child to feel the pride of motherhood. However with the advancement in medical field, new alternatives have emerged. Surrogacy is a popular assisted method of reproduction using a third party. There are now many agencies that encourage as well as facilitate the process of egg donation for the same. Situated in the United States, Ohio does not have any definite surrogacy laws and Ohio Surrogacy programs are conducted throughout the state by many such agencies.

Come forward to donate your eggs

If you are a healthy women between an age group of 21 to 28 years, you are eligible to donate your eggs and to bring a smile on the face of others craving for a child. Egg donation is not a frightful experience at all especially in an Ohio Surrogacy program because the compassionate experts will be always there to help you to understand the entire medical process in detail. You just need to clear some popular misconceptions that are acting as repulsion to donate your eggs until now.

Shortage of eggs – This is a complete myth as in spite of donating your eggs for the prescribed six times in your life time in no way you can have any such shortage simply because a women body has a reserve of approximate one million eggs! Yes, off course this number continues to decrease with progression in age. 

Medical complications – If you are afraid of any medical complications then just put your fears to rest. If you not qualify after a thorough psychological and medical testing, process will never get initiated. Yes in some rare cases, some donors experience mild discomfort and psychological distress after egg retrieval from their ovaries, but does not this is very small in compared to the joy of gifting a memorable to a childless couple through your noble deeds. 

Just monetary reward – Yes, surrogacy programs like Ohio Surrogacy offers an impressive compensation for women willing to donate their eggs after going through all the rigorous screening process, but real reward is the peace that you will have after completion of the egg donation procedure. If it is not the case, most of the donors had not expressed their desire to donate again!

Egg donation is mainly meant for gestational surrogacy where a women known or unknown to a childless couple donate her eggs and give them a chance to complete their family. Alternative Reproductive Resources (ARR) is one the pioneer agency of the United States that is engaged in conducting Ohio Surrogacy program for childless couples since many years.


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