Finding solution through Surrogacy

Finding solution through Surrogacy

In the world of today, where almost everything has a solution, so does childlessness. One of the major procedures of alternate childbirth procedure is surrogacy. In this process, a woman carries the child for other parent/parents, and is legally bound to hand over the child to the parents. Many parents opt for surrogacy these days. While in some cases, it is because the woman is unable to conceive a child or provide it gestation. In other cases, like same sex couples or single parents too, surrogacy comes to the rescue.

There are mainly two kinds of surrogacy

Traditional surrogacy
Gestational surrogacy

Traditional surrogacy:

In case of traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother uses her own egg which grows inside her womb, with the sperm of the father being used for in-vitro fertilization. This kind of surrogacy is opted by women who are unable to provide either egg or gestation to a child for several reasons like inability to produce eggs due to early menopause or removal of ovaries as a result of tumor etc. In this case, the child received genetic information as well as the nutrients and protection by the surrogate mother, with the DNA of the father. This kind of surrogacy is also opted by single male parents or same-sex male parents who wish to raise a family with a child sharing their genetic information.

Gestational surrogacy:

This kind of surrogacy is opted by women who are capable of producing eggs but are physically unable to bear the child i.e. provide gestation to the growing child. The egg of the woman is extracted and is placed in the surrogate mother for fertilization. In this kind of surrogacy, the child shares the genetic information of the mother whose egg is being used. Gestation is provided to the child by the surrogate woman whose womb the child is maturing in i.e. the nutrients needed during maturity or the protection is provided by the surrogate mother.

Certain problems arise during the process of surrogacy. A surrogate mother may develop attachment with the child and refuse to give up the baby. But, unlike in case of adoption, the surrogate mother is legally bound to give the child to the parents in case of surrogacy. Sometimes, couples or parents choose to take the help of a close family member or friend to serve as the surrogate, so there is stronger connection with the person and better mental preparation due to the understanding of the situation.

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